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Herocycle Encore

The Daredevil Rides Again!

This Memorial Day weekend we are proud to bring you a special encore presentation of our award-winning original production: Herocycle! This never-before-seen footage from our 2013 production at Old Arizona features the original cast, a live band, and incredible aerial artistry.

Join us for a death-defying leap across American pop-culture that crashes into the life of notorious daredevil Evel Knievel. Steel twists together with Knievel's conquests and writer Joseph Campbell's monomyth to create a heroic tale of Evel's exploits, a frenzied search for the elixir of life and a daring quest for the man behind the action figure.

Herocycle (2013)

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Concept by Erik Hoover and Kym Longhi, directed by Kym Longhi, and written by Kym Longhi and the ensemble.

Featuring: Beth Brooks, Erik Hoover, Sasha Inez, Jacob Miller, Jim Peitzman, and Jeni Saliger, with Sam Brooks, Batume Gingery, Maliya Gorman-Carter, Kalen Keir, and Ike Russell

Production Team: Daniel Benoit, Charles Craun, Deb Ervin, Lucinda Holshue, and Jim Peitzman

This online event is free, but we hope that you will consider making a donation to one (or more!) of the following non-profit organizations in consideration of this special holiday weekend presentation.

Finally, we also ask that you please consider making a small donation as well to Combustible Company.

Thank you for your support and we hope to bring you live theater that sparks the imagination and ignites conversation once again soon!

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