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Our Mission

Combustible Company uses actors’ physicality to create visceral performances that spark the imagination and ignite conversation.

Exploding Boundaries

We draw upon the power of the actor’s body to discover and perform stories. We continually push the bounds of our craft and creativity, challenging ourselves and emerging with new insight, new skills, and new strength.

Sparking the Imagination

We explore the human psyche, creating performances that allow the audience to derive new meaning from spoken and unspoken language. We strive to transform a space, creating an atmosphere that is charged with emotion.

Fueling Community

We work to transcend barriers and strengthen communities. We seek universal human stories, including devised and published works, to help audiences better understand themselves and each other as well as the world around them.

Our Artists

Photo of Kym

Kym Longhi

Artistic Director

Kym Longhi has cultivated her artistic vision as an actor, mime, writer, director, teacher and artist in residence for nearly 3 decades. Her performing and directing experience encompasses classical theater, experimental theater, mime and dance. Her mime training includes intensive study with Marcel Marceau. She is an associate artist with the internationally-recognized Margolis-Brown ADAPTORS. As a core member of the performing ensemble since 1993, she collaborated in the creation of many of their original works including: Vanishing Point, Vidpires!, Starry Messenger at Children’s Theatre Company, Sleepwalkers as part of the O’Shaughnessy’s “Women of Substance” series, American Safari and The Human Show. Other performance training and experience encompasses classical speaking theater, dance, and mime. She has toured nationally and internationally as a performer and teacher, including Spain, Singapore, Japan and two extended tours in Australia. Kym has also worked as a performer/collaborator with Off Leash Area, Skewed Visions and Flaneur Productions. She is the first certified Margolis Method instructor in the United States.

Photo of Erik

Erik Hoover

Associate Artist

Erik has appeared in devised works such as The Mad Trapper of Rat River by Sandbox Theatre, The Oldest Story in the World by Theatre Novi Most, and the Veterans' Play Project with Wonderlust Productions. Erik has performed in scripted works ranging from classical to contemporary with companies such as Walking Shadow, Theatre Pro Rata, Park Square Theatre, the History Theater, and the Red Eye Collaborative, among others. His performances have been recognized by Minnesota Playlist Magazine, Lavender Magazine and the City Pages in their respective annual best of lists and he was part of the cast of Walking Shadow’s Production of The Compleat Female Stage Beauty that won an Ivey Award in 2012 for Overall Excellence. After serving as assistant director for Ten Thousand Things’ production of Vasa Lisa in 2012, Erik made his directorial debut in 2015 with Theatre Pro Rata’s production of The Woodsman, which was named one of the top ten shows of 2015 by the City Pages. Erik was a member of Margolis-Brown ADAPTORS from 2000-2005 and is a certified Margolis Method instructor.

Our Board

Janet Clarke (Chair), Doug Swanson (Treasurer), Tara Woolpy (Secretary), Otis Bennett, Barbara Greenhalgh, Brad Kruse, and Jerry Woolpy

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